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Identity Management

Problem: The struggle is real when it comes to managing and maintaining usernames and passwords within Individual applications.
Solution: Our resolution to this issue is to provide tools that integrate with your School Information System (SIS) or Username Management System in order to automate the username and password creation process for all applications where it is required. With the tools we provide, when a student is registered at your school, their usernames are automatically created for ALL applications they’ll use in their respective grade level.

Application Deployment

Problem: How can my students run robust software applications (such as AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, etc..) on a mobile device/tablet?
Solution: Xyity partners with Amazon to provide a fully managed application streaming service that provides users with instant access to their applications from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. This services is called AppStream 2.0. It manages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources required to host and run your applications, scales automatically and provides access to your users on demand.

Cloud Migration Services

Problem: My district was attacked by ransomware. How do I more effectively protect our infrastructure while simultaneously lowering infrastructure costs, such as server security, licensing, maintenance and disaster recovery?
Solution: Xyity collaborates with AWS to help districts recover from ransomware attacks that can leave your sensitive data vulnerable. While we understand that every district/organization has not been the victim of a ransomware attack, we encourage our clients to proactively protect their data by migrating to the cloud via AWS. We pride ourselves on creating solutions to the district or organization we work with. Through this partnership, our goal is to maximize your investment while further providing optimal security solutions.

Content Filters

Problem: A user in a district or organization repeatedly visited what should have been restricted sites over a period of time.
Solution: Xyity, in cooperation with leadership, worked with the organization’s current content filtering provider to configure artificial intelligence (AI). This AI provided leadership with the opportunity to take a proactive approach in safeguarding users from potentially inappropriate materials.

Internet Bandwidth Assessment

Problem: How do we know we're getting the most bang for our buck as far as Internet bandwidth?
Solution: Xyity partners with Strategic Bandwidth Advisors to assess your bandwidth usage to make |sure your receiving 1) enough bandwidth to meet your usage needs and 2) quoted the best value for each GB/s.

Phone System Assessment

Problem: An organization would like to know if they have the best phone services and equipment at the best rate possible.
Solution: Xyity, in cooperation with one of our trusted advisors, will assess your current phone service, equipment and bills at no cost to you. This includes strategic recommendations for lowering costs of services while maximizing the quality and value of your phone equipment.

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Copyright © 2022 Xyity Inc.