vCTO Retain Program

This program provides a resource of information for a school district to utilize in block of hours. Block hours can be utilized for strategic guidance within a particular project or related projects each month, and is bias free, and vendor agnostic. Fee structures are based on 10 hour packages per month, renewable at anytime.

vCTO Partnership Program

This program has been designed to walk side-by-side with K-12 technology leaders of any size. Our role is to provide strategic assistance for leadership in the forms of coaching, virtual assistance or customized on-site assistance programs. The value added benefit is our team of knowledgeable leaders whether its a Superintendent, Technology Director and/or a Project Manager to cover multiple diverse areas such as Erate planning, budget development, policy research, eLearning guidance and technical assessments. This program has customized pricing based on the number of students and is a monthly reoccurring cost.

vCTO LEAD Program

This program has been developed to provide a high level vCTO to the school district. Our role is to be the strategic leader with your technology and coordinate all aspects of the technology department. This program provides a team of resources consisting of Superintendents, Technology Directors, Project Managers and Curriculum developers for district use. This programs has customized pricing structure and has a value added benefit of multiple department participation.

vCTO Executive Program

This program has been designed to assist the school district in searching for their ideal candidate while we serve as their interim Technology Director. Once a Technology Director has been found and chosen by the school district, they would be assigned as the everyday Technology Director. This programs pricing has been tailored to meet the needs of the school district and has multiple financial options which are customize-able for any district.